Manuka Multiflora MGO40+
Rare - Medicinal

Our Multiflora Mānuka is delicious everyday honey with a creamy texture.

With MGO ratings of 40+ you can be sure that this honey contains Methylglyoxal (MGO) – the source of Mānuka honey’s special antibacterial properties. The higher the MGO, the stronger the concentration of MGO.

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Product of New Zealand
Small Batch
BPA Free
UMF Licence: 3096
Is MGO equivalent to UMF™?
No, UMF™ is a more comprehensive measurement of the four important factors that measure the quality of a mānuka honey product.
MGO is one of four factors measured.

The four factors are:

Methylglyoxal (MGO) – a key potency measure for New Zealand mānuka honey.

Leptosperin – unique to mānuka honey, created in nature and unable to be added to honey.

DHA – this converts to MGO over time. In correct amounts, it ensures that the MGO levels will remain as tested throughout the life of the product.

HMF – indicates whether honey has been overheated or stored for too long, which can reduce shelf life and potency.
How to use Multiflora Mānuka honey
Multiflora Mānuka honey is perfect if you're looking for a natural sweetener that supports a healthy lifestyle.

You can use it as a sugar replacement in hot drinks, as a spread on toast, as an ingredient in baking, as part of a cheese platter or on breakfast foods.