With deep familial roots, Hidden Honey is harvested by brothers and a few close friends passionate about the natural world.


Our raw Mānuka honey comes from wild landscapes, untouched by humans and hidden from the world.

Helicoptered into remote locations in New Zealand’s beautiful Taranaki region, our hives are placed where the bees can work in peace, away from prying eyes. Deep in native Mānuka scrubland, free from sprays and modern agriculture, the bees are able to produce some of the most potent Mānuka Honey in the world.


The Hidden harvest is careful and sustainable. Taking only what we need, we work in small batches, meticulously testing to retain the exquisite flavour profiles and healing properties.

In winter, we move our bees to a warmer climate so they don’t catch a chill and are in the best condition possible for the summer harvest.  

This diligent process is all about doing things the right way.

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John Green Co-founder / Chairmen

As CEO of Hidden Honey, Haroon oversees the day-to-day running of the company. He loves going out to the field and enjoying the beauty of nature and seeing the most sophisticated form of Manuka honey - made by the bees. He believes the team’s deep passion for beekeeping and sustainability is what makes Hidden Honey so unique.

Haroon Uddin Co-Founder / CEO

Hugh spends half his time managing the apiary and the other half beekeeping.  He loves working in some of the most remote parts of native New Zealand and is fascinated by the complexity of the bee's social hierarchy. In each hive, honeybees are given different tasks for the success of their colony. He believes that the bees at Hidden can sense the team’s passion and, in return, provide some of the finest honey in the world.

Hugh Green Farm Director

As Head Beekeeper, James’ role is to care for the hives and prepare them for the honey flow in summer. Farming and working outdoors is in his blood, and he’s passionate about keeping the Hidden hives as healthy as possible. He believes Hidden Honey is the best there is because he cares for the bees from start to finish and knows none of it is altered in any way.

James Green Head Beekeeper

A third-generation farmer, Dan has a great love for nature and the outdoors. He was raised drafting cattle and docking lambs which he loved. Being a beekeeper allows him to work in nature and protect it. His role is to monitor the hives and make sure the Queen bee is fit and healthy so her offspring can make plenty of honey.

Daniel Green Beekeeper

As a beekeeper, Morgan cares for the hives all season by feeding, checking for disease and ensuring the bee colonies are strong. He’s intrigued that bees are one of the most studied but least understood insects on the planet. He takes great pride in the fact that Hidden bees are treated ethically and get placed high in the hills of South Taranaki to do the important work of making the purest Mānuka honey there is.

Morgan Dearsly Beekeeper